Friday, August 9, 2013

Simply Amazing - Chapter 9

The following morning Jessica awoke rather groggy.  With a massive headache from a hangover she swore she would never drink so recklessly again.  Not wanting to move and keeping her eyes shut tight, Jessica tried to think back on the events of last night.  There had been dancing and drinking…lots of drinking.  There was a guy she danced with.  And…Jason, she vaguely remembered Jason had been there last night.  She racked her thudding brain trying to remember what Jason had told her.  Why was he there last night and how did he know where she was at?  Was he there to see her or was this a chance meeting?  Amy will tell her what happened last night…
Amy…what happened to her friends last night?  Jessica couldn’t recall leaving them last night.  She didn’t recall even leaving the club at all let alone on how she ended up in bed.  Opening one eye to view the surroundings and she knew she was back in her hotel room.  Rolling onto her back, both eyes closed once again, she realized in an instant that she was naked.  With a dreaded sigh and her arm thrown across her eyes she tried to remember why she was naked.  All she could see was darkness…darkness and lips against her body.  Another dreadful sigh was more audible at the realization that she was not alone in this room.
“Good morning sleepy head.  How is your head, by the way?”  The male voice rang out from somewhere in the room.  Her sense of direction was still out of focus and she really didn’t have the strength or the desire to see where this voice was coming from.  She grunted in response still refusing to open her eyes.  “I thought so.  Here, take these,” he instructed as he placed two pain relievers up to her lips until she opened her mouth followed by a straw he had placed inside of a water bottle.  “Drink as much as you can.  You’re probably dehydrated.  I know you didn’t eat last night.”
Jessica felt grateful for the nice gesture.  She was very thirsty and he was right, she was dehydrated and really did skip dinner.  She laid there another minute, her brows drawn into a frown.  There was an uneasiness that crept up her spine.  This guy was being very nice. 
“Do you want to try to eat some dry toast or is your stomach not ready for that yet?”
That voice…the small hairs at the back of her neck prickled.  She knew that voice.  More details of last night came tumbling forward.  Memories flashed through her mind of his lips exploring her body, of the way he touched and caressed her, of the words he spoke.  The same words she had overheard one late night hidden in the darkness.  Jessica jerked upright still clutching the covers against her, her eyes blazing in fury as she quickly found her target. 
“Jason, what the hell are you doing here?”  Jessica demanded an answer.  What was he thinking by bringing her here last night?  Instantly regretting the sudden movements she raised her hands up to her hold her aching head.
“Jess, calm down alright.  I had no intentions for anything that happened last night other than making sure you were safe.  That’s all,” he said sincerely as he held up his hands as if he were surrendering himself in a hostile environment.
“Oh give me a freaking break!  You knew I was drunk, you knew I was leaving with…with…”
“See, you can’t even remember his name.  If I hadn’t taken you out for some fresh air you would have left with that guy and who knows what might have happened to you,” Jason tried to reason.
“I’m a grown woman, damn it!  If I decide to have a one night stand then it’s none of your business.  And don’t give me that crap that you were trying to protect me.  Why do you want to take on that role now when last week you were the one I needed protection from?  You knew what was going to happen when you brought me here.  You had every intention…” Jessica stammered.
“You’re wrong, Jess.  I was only taking you out for some fresh air, that’s all.  When we got outside you’re the one that suggested we come back here.  I thought it’s what you wanted.  You can’t deny you didn’t enjoy it.  You know we’ve always been good together in that department.  You wanted me last night and I wasn’t going to deny you something that you obviously needed,” he argued back.
“Shut up!  Just shut up already!  I don’t want or need anything from you anymore.  You are the last person I would ever want that from again,” Jessica spat out.
Jason stood, hands on hips, shaking his head in denial.  “No Jess, we have a connection between us.  You will always want me and I you.  Once you calm down and think rationally you will realize it too.  I told you before I’m not ready to give up on us yet.  And after last night I know I’m not the one who’s fooling himself, you are.  I’m going to head out now, I’m already running late.  I’ll talk to you later this evening after you have cooled down a bit.  Are you going to be alright here?”
Jessica was aggravated beyond belief at the gall of him thinking there was any chance between them.  Or even the fact that he presumed she would talk to him later tonight.  “No Jason.  Don’t contact me, don’t call or send flowers.  I don’t want any of it.  Get out and stay away from me from now on,” she demanded.
With a heavy sigh Jason dropped his head down not wanting to continue this argument.  He grabbed his keys off of the table and headed for the door.  Stopping with his hand resting on the doorknob Jason turned back to look over at Jessica.  She was beautiful with her tussled hair and her fighting spirit shining bright in her eyes.  With a sad smile Jason confirmed his intentions, “I’ll talk to you tonight.”  He left the room not waiting for her to argue again.  He would talk to her tonight as he promised just as he was sure that their marriage was not over.  Especially after the passion they shared last night.  No, Jessica was meant to be his wife and he planned to keep it that way.
Jessica growled out in frustration after seeing Jason walk out that door with full confidence.  She couldn’t believe she had been so wasted that she didn’t realize it was Jason who she left the club with.  What a mess this turned out to be.  All she had wanted was a night out with her friends spent dancing and living it up to get her mind off of Jason.  When in the end it just drove her into his arms again.  She fell back onto the bed burying her head beneath the covers as she wailed into the pillow.  After shedding every last tear Jessica finally got up and showered.  She needed to rinse away the filth she felt at knowing she had slept with Jason again after he has been with that slut Robyn.  It was disgusting. 
After the scalding shower Jessica checked her phone surprised that she had missed calls and text message after test message mostly from Amy but also a few from Meghan and Tory.
“Where are you?” a few said.  “Are you at the hotel?” “Are you with Adam?”
Adam.  That was his name.  Wonder what happened to him  Jessica typed out a message to her friends letting them know she was fine and she would talk to them later.  Bringing up Jason right now was not the best thing.  She didn’t feel like reliving last night, or at least the parts that she could remember.  It was frustrating to know that even with a broken heart Jason could still make her body burn with desire.  It was confusing to feel so much anger and hate for a person that could still have such a powerful connection when her defenses were down.  She didn’t want to still want him.  She definitely didn’t need him.  But in all honesty she did still love him, no matter what he had done, she still loved him.  That was the thing that frustrated her the most.  How could she fight the temptation she was sure to succumb to when he was near?  Jason surely knew the power he still held over her especially after last night.  He would use it to his advantage.  There was no way he would give up now.
Jessica needed to get out of this room.  She needed to get away from reminiscing of Jason.  She just had to get away from Jason period.  After packing away all of her personal items she checked out of her room and headed back to her parents’ home.  The drive was nice and quiet.  There was a lot to think about so there was no hurry to get back.  Jason had said the other day he was going to try and change her mind about going through with the divorce.  He sent her the most beautiful roses she had ever seen.  He showed up at the club and other than completely ruining her night he stayed his distance but kept a watchful eye on her.  He knew she was drunk so he took her out outside to get some air and walk around trying to sober her up.  Then he brought her the release she had craved…needed.  Was he capable of change?  He had lied before, who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again…  It was as though the old Jason had returned.  Jason the protector, just as he had been during her families trying times over the last year.
Just the other day Jessica had been so sure that she would be able to move on, to walk away from him.  Sure it was going to be hard but now it seemed impossible.  The anger had dissipated turning into lonely sadness.  There was no one she could turn to that would just hear out all of the doubts playing across her mind without offering their opinion.  Right now there was no one she was close to that would keep an open mind where Jason was concerned.  The only one to suggest Jason get another chance was her mother.  At the time it had felt like a stab in the back.  Now however, perhaps she seen the inevitable.  Perhaps she was meant to be with Jason.  Through thick and thin…that all sounded good, but what happened to love, honor and respect? 
It was all so much to handle when she didn’t know what was the right decision to work towards.  Jessica hated to feel this way.  To be so undecided was not something she was use to.  In the past, there had never been anything that she wasn’t sure on.  This was different; it was a major life changing decision.  She needed more time to herself to think without having her mother hovering about her.  She pulled off of the freeway on the next exit heading for the coffee shop that was just down the street.  A good strong cup of coffee would help clear her muddled mind.  Sitting at the table hidden off to a corner spot in the little diner, she sipped on her coffee mindlessly looking through the apps on her phone before choosing to scan through the photo gallery of happier times.  There were so many of Jason smiling, or being silly…even a few where he looked rather seductive.  Her heart ached for him. 
The waitress walked over to refill her coffee and offered to get her something to eat.  Jessica declined.  She wasn’t hungry; hadn’t been for quite some time.  Instead she got up to use the ladies room.  After gently applying a cool cloth to her eyes Jessica went back to her table.  The diner had a few more patrons that had come in for lunch.  There were still a few tables empty.  There was one table that caught her attention as she scanned the room, or more precisely, the occupant had caught her attention. 
Jason sat alone with a file out as he read over some documents.  Jessica picked up the magazine she had carried in to observe in hidden silence.  The waitress walked over filling a cup of coffee for him before she took his order.  Jason continued looking over his paperwork after the waitress walked away.  He never looked up, never took notice of his surroundings.  He did not realize when that slut walked in and directly walked over to where he was seated.  Standing there, her hands placed on her hips, she glared down at him until he finally acknowledged her without bothering to look at her.  Jessica couldn’t hear them from where she was seated so she tried to focus on reading their lips.  Of course she couldn’t see Robyn as her back was still turned in Jessica’s direction.  However she could see Jason clear as day and he was not happy about something.  Apparently Robyn wasn’t either, as her hands remained on her hips and she didn’t bother taking the seat across from him.
“Not now, I’m busy…” Jason had said.  Robyn said something in return causing Jason to slam his paperwork down on the table, finally acknowledging her by looking up at her face.  “I told you,” he gritted, “She’s still my wife and I still love her.  I’m not giving her up without a fight.”  Robyn’s shoulder’s seemed to sag a little in defeat as she mouthed something else.  Jason shook his head negatively with what seemed to be regret on his face.  “Do what you have to do.”
Robyn left, holding back the tears that threaten to spill.  Jason rubbed his hands over his face, weary of the encounter.  The waitress delivered his food and he pushed it aside.  He looked out the window watching Robyn screech out of the parking lot when he noticed Jessica’s car.  With wide eyes Jason turned to scan the little diner.  She kept her head down and magazine up.  He can’t find me here she silently prayed over and over.  The waitress had come back over to refill his coffee and Jessica took this opportunity to make a quick dash out of there.  Jason scanned the room again but didn’t see Jess anywhere.  He looked back out to the spot her car had been parked just in time to see it pulling out of the stall before leaving the parking lot.  He knew it had been Jessica just as he knew she had caught him with Robyn once again.  This time however was different, but would Jessica see it that way?