Friday, August 2, 2013

Simply Amazing - Chapter 8

The week passed rather quickly as Jessica returned to work and kept herself busy; too busy to allow herself a single second to reflect on thoughts of Jason.  Instead, Jason would pop into her mind as soon as she left the office, stayed with her the entire evening until she returned to work the following day.  Spence was great about not asking too many questions.  He knew if Jessica wanted to talk it over then she would.  Instead he took notice at her heavy workload and knew immediately she was trying to indulge in losing herself in work.  As a good friend he accommodated her needs and gave her case after case, needing files pulled or documents created.  Jessica never asked for a break, instead she welcomed the tasks he had given her. 
It wasn’t until Wednesday that she heard from Jason again, this time by delivery.  Jessica arrived home from work at the usual time when her mother came rushing out carrying a large vase of red roses. 
“Look honey, these arrived for you today,” her mother exclaimed excitedly.
Irritation at the amount of happy eagerness emanating from her mother made her frown looking at the enormous amount of roses Jason had sent.  She knew it was from Jason without even asking or needing to read the card.  Of course it had come from him. 
“Throw them out.  I don’t want to see them again,” Jessica stated with displeasure as she strode past her mother heading up to her room.
“Jessica Marie, you come back here.  Your husband is making an effort to ask for forgiveness.  You could at least take a look at the card.  This must have cost him a fortune.”
With a huffy sigh she turned to look at the card her mother was holding out to her knowing if she didn’t her mother would badger her to no end.  The card was written in his own handwriting, ok maybe that was a surprise.  She would have expected some kind of pre-written and typed message.  The message read:

            A dozen roses for each month we shared as husband and wife.  You mean more to me than I ever knew was possible.  I’m lost without you, please come home…

“Do whatever you wish with the roses,” Jessica said as she turned heading back up the stairs, tearing up the note into small pieces.  He must be insane.  How could he think something such as roses would help her forgive what he had done?
Dinner had been quiet that evening and Jessica had wished her parents had gone out to some function instead of being here making her feel uncomfortable.  It wasn’t her father necessarily as it was her mother.  At least tomorrow was girl’s night and she would be able to get away from the awkwardness at home. 
“Oh, before I forget, I won’t be home after work tomorrow.  I’m meeting Amy and the girls,” Jessica announced trying to make conversation instead of this weird mood that had settled around the dining table.
“Really, where are you girls going?” her mother asked rather intrigued.
“Dancing,” Jessica replied not making eye contact with either of them.
“Sounds like fun.  Make sure you use a car service if you’re going to be drinking,” her father said as he continued to cut into his baked chicken.
“Dancing?  Where are you going,” her mother quizzed.
“Oh, the usual spot I guess.  And yes, dad, I’ll use a car service if I need to.”
The silence continued after that.  Her mother made a hasty retreat not long after claiming to feel tired with a slight headache.  Jessica went up to her room not long afterward.  Standing in the large closet trying to decide what dress to wear tomorrow night when her phone rang the familiar tunes of Beyonce belting out “At Last” which she had picked out for Jason’s personalized ring tone.
With a sigh and a roll of the eyes Jessica answered.
“Hi Jess, I wasn’t sure if you would answer,” her ex said a little nervously.
“What do you want, Jason?”
“I, uh…did you get the flowers I sent?”
“Yes, you really shouldn’t have,” her voice was filled with annoyance as she answered.
“Oh, I thought…well, I wanted to.  Anyway, I just wanted to call and see how you were doing,” Jason asked curiously.  What was he up to?
“Do you really want to know?  Do you really think after all of this I believe that you even cared how I feel now?”  Jessica’s frustration and anger had returned, fueled on even more by her mother’s attitude earlier about the flowers.
“I do want to know.  Jess, you need to know that I’m having a hard time too.  I know I screwed up and I’m paying for it now.  I’m trying here, Jess.”
“Trying now is a little too late, don’t you think?  Maybe you should have tried harder when you said things were over but then I catch you not even half an hour later with that bitch again.  Really Jason, right now I could care less about what you’re going through.  I will tell you this, you did screw up and you messed up both of our lives.  I gave you my heart and not only did you reject it but you stomped on it when you had a chance to repair it.”  Jessica was practically yelling at him over the phone. 
“I know and I can’t tell you how wrong I was or how sorry I’ve felt since.  I told you before; I’m not giving up without a fight.  Thirty days, Jess…thirty days to win you back and I promise you I’m not giving up the fight.  I believe you still love me, deep down beneath the anger and the hurt.  It’s there and all I need is a chance to prove to you we can have it all again.”  There was a brief pause of silence.  Jessica had nothing to say to him.  He was in denial if he thought this was ever going to work.  “Well, I just wanted to let you know I’m still here.  I haven’t given up yet and I never will.  It’s cold here without you.  I wish you were here.  See you soon, Jess.”  Right before he hung up he said one final thing, “I do love you…” 
It was so hard to keep fighting these emotions.  One minute she felt mad, angrier than she even knew was capable.  She felt hurt and betrayed.  There was no way to clear her heart from the pain, the thunderous aching of her soul.  Yet, there was still this need that crept upon her being, need for Jason.  His arms circling around her to block the aches and pain, with his lips kissing away the tears that never seemed to find an end.  Not only did she feel the betrayal from Jason, but from herself as well.  How could her body, her heart, continued to yearn for this man who had crushed her hopes and dreams.  There was no way to stop the torment as the tears rolled down her cheeks as they continued to do every night this week. 
Thursday had arrived and Jessica’s work day went by pretty fast.  Amy had called her during lunch to confirm their plans were still on for tonight.  Jessica decided to book a room at a nearby hotel and had packed all of the essentials for the night and for the next day.  When she mentioned her plans to Spencer earlier in the week he insisted she take Friday off and ordered her to really let loose on Thursday night.  So things worked out perfectly.  The hotel was an assurance for her and her father, knowing she really intended on getting plastered this evening so this was the perfect option to keep her safe and off the roads.  Jessica left work later than usual just to make sure there was nothing pending for Friday.  She wasn’t going to meet the girls until eight anyway so she still had plenty of time to finish up at the office and then freshen up and change at the hotel after. 
Amy arrived at Jessica’s room first; as usual she was the most prompt from the group.  “Girlfriend, what’s up?” she squealed as soon as Jessica answered the door.
“Hey,” Jessica smiled as they hugged, “Girl, I need a drink.”
Amy laughed at her friend’s quip.  Jessica was the one from the group who drank the least so hearing her announce this was hilarious to her friend.  “The man’s got you tired and worn out already?”  Amy noticed the change on Jessica’s face as soon as she said that.  “What’s up, Jess?  Something’s wrong, I can feel it.  What is it?”
“Nothing, you worry too much.  When are the rest going to be here?”
Amy looked dubious at her best friend and knew there was something she wasn’t being honest about.  Just as she was prepared to get to the bottom of things, Meghan and Tory arrived, loud and full of chatter.  Jessica joined in with the chit chat and noticed Amy giving her best Sherlock Holmes impersonation as she tried to decipher what was going on with her friend.
“Alright girls, I have an announcement to make before we leave for the festivities,” Jessica said as she looked around wondering what they would say about her failed marriage.
“You’re pregnant!” announces Tory rather loudly.  Amy never took her eyes from Jessica and knew the news she had to share must not be the happiest of news, especially not announcing a pregnancy when they were suppose to go out for drinks and dancing.
“No, I’m not pregnant,” Jessica said feeling uncomfortable. 
“Then what is it,” Meghan asked a little confused.
“Jason and I are getting divorced,” she announced to the suddenly quiet room.
“That mother…” Amy began before Tory cut her off.
“Divorced?  But why…”
“Isn’t it obvious?  He’s scum; he’s a dirty rotten cheating…” Amy began again before Meghan interrupted this time.
“Wait, he cheated on you?” Meghan asked befuddled.
Jessica sighed.  Of course Amy would catch on right away.  “Yes, he cheated and I caught him so I left him.  So tonight I don’t want anyone holding back.  I need a night filled with fun so no more questions, let’s get this party started.”  They all came around Jessica and gave her a group hug promising a night to remember.
The Avalon was exactly as Jessica remembered it.  The group decided to start out with a few drinks before hitting the dance floor.  Amy ordered two rounds of double shot tequila’s for all of them.  They all erupted into laughter when Jessica choked down the second glass in less than a minute. 
“Let’s dance bitches,” Amy shouted, grabbing Jess by the hand dragging her out to the middle of the dance floor.  The music was deafening and easy to move to.  As Amy would say, this DJ’s got mad skills.  They all danced together not noticing anyone around them, just enjoying their night together.  Tory announced she was going to get them another drink and took Meghan along with her to help.  Amy and Jessica made their way back to their table and Jess knew the inquisition was on its way.  “So spill it Tramane.  What gives?  Why didn’t you call me and tell me?  Where are you staying?”
Jessica smiled knowing Amy only asked because she worried.  This was her best friend after all; she would have been offended if Amy had acted any other way.  “I haven’t really told anyone about it.  When I found out I moved back to my parents’ house.”
“You need to give me more details than that.”
“Well, I caught him talking to her on the phone one night then I followed him and found them in a hotel room together.  Some whore from his office.  He says he’s going to fight to get me back but I don’t know…”
Amy almost went into shock at that last comment.  “What do you mean you ‘don’t know’?  Of course you’re not going to forgive him.”
With a sad smile Jessica admitted, “I know.  I can’t help missing him but I know I can’t forget what he did.  It’s just crazy.  In a million years I never would have thought he was capable of doing something like this.”
“He’s a man, of course he’s capable,” Amy snuffed.  She had gone through this many times before with guys that she had dated.  All promising more then fell short when they couldn’t keeping their wandering eyes, or hands, to themselves.  “What do your parents say about it?”
“My dad supports my decision.  My mom, well she’s standing behind Jason.  She says I should forgive him.”
“NO….you can’t.  What he did tells you right there he can’t be trusted.  If he cheated this early in the marriage why wouldn’t he later down the road?”
“No, I know.  It’s just so unexpected,” Jessica said needing that drink right about now.  Right on cue, Meghan and Tory made their way over with more drinks. 
“Ladies, here’s to the four of us; free and single ready to mingle,” Tory raised her glass making the toast.  They laughed as they clink their glasses of AMF’s together.  It was one powerful drink and Jessica could feel the liquid warming up her body as soon as she drank it.  “Let’s dance!”
This continued for another hour and a half, dancing and boozing.  Jessica was feeling rather sedated and giddy as she let the music and the alcohol move her on the dance floor.  It was everything she needed right now, to be carefree and push everything else aside just for tonight.  When Tory suggested they find the hottest available male in the room for Jessica, Meghan agreed totally.  Amy on the other hand thought they should just stick to “Girl’s Night” only.  Sure, dancing and maybe a couple of drinks (on him of course) but Jessica didn’t need to hook up with anyone right now.  She was annoyed at first when Tory brought over a very good looking guy and headed straight for Jessica.  In all honesty the guy was more than good looking, he was downright sexy.  With shaggy hair, stubble across his chin, muscles popping out in all the right places this man was definitely one that you could lose yourself to for the night.  But Amy knew Jess all too well and knew that’s not the kind of girl she was.  Her older brother may have played the field but the other Tramane siblings didn’t play that game.  Tonight, however, was different.  Tonight Jessica was ready to let loose and be someone she normally wasn’t.  So when Tory introduced her to Adam she was outgoing, flirty and very alluring.  They hit it off on the dance floor as Meghan and Tory shouted over encouragement nearby as they continued to dance in their group now minus Jessica. 
“Let’s get a drink.  I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before,” Adam stated as they made their way over to the bar.
Jessica tried to focus on making her way over to the bar without stumbling, trying to listen to Adam talk and finally tried to focus on what answer to give him without revealing too much.  “I use to come here often but I’ve been busy with work lately.”
“You know what they say about all work and no play,” he grinned.  Jessica smiled back as she assessed his features.  He was definitely a looker but there was something about him that she just couldn’t quite put her finger on.  They ordered a round of drinks and some shots and headed back to her friends were they made a toast and headed back out to dance except for Tory.
“So Adam, what do you think of our friend here,” Tory asked with a manipulating grin as she looked from Adam to Jessica. 
Adam looked Jessica up and down rather seductively stopping to linger over her ample bosom as he licked his lips.  “I think she is the most gorgeous creature I’ve ever seen.”  That comment made her blush. 
Tory clapped with excited glee saying, “Great!  You need to show her a really good time then.”  She winked at Jessica before heading back out to the dance floor, waving goodbye.  Jessica hid her smile as she sipped from her second AMF of the night.  Adam was looking sexy enough and it was obvious he wanted her.  She could go through with this tonight as long as she kept sipping on these drinks.  He took her hand in his after she was half way through with her drink leading her back out to the dance floor where he started to grind up against her to the beat of the song blaring out.  Jessica danced right along with him until a hand grabbed her at the wrist.  Surprise and shock spread throughout her body and for some unknown reason, guilt.  She felt guilty at being caught grinding up against this man on the dance floor by none other than Jason himself.
“Jessica, that’s enough.  I need to talk to you,” he said firmly not letting his grip around her wrist go.
“Hey man, they lady and I are dancing here,” Adam said a little defensively.
Jason’s foreboding gaze never once strayed from Jessica.  “Now Jess.” 
He didn’t wait for a reply before he dragged her along in his wake trying to find a spot where they could discuss what was going on here.  Jessica looked over and held up her finger letting Adam know she would only be a minute.  Adam didn’t look too pleased but his feelings were not a concern at the moment.  Nor were the angered looks she seen from her friends as they passed them by without a word.  When they found a semi-secluded corner Jason turned on her.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?  Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look out there…” he bellowed over the music.
Shocked and angered by the tone of his voice she yelled back, “What are you talking about?”
“You were dry humping some stranger on the dance floor!  Do you want to look like a cheap slut?  Are you just trying to get back at me by embarrassing me and demeaning yourself?”  Jason was furious. 
“Are you really going to point the finger here?  You’re the embarrassment out of this relationship.  You’re the one who wanted to lay down with a cheap slut.  We are done, it’s over don’t you get that?  What I do is no longer your concern.  If I want to screw every guy in this place I will and there’s nothing you can say or do about it!”  Jessica tried to storm off but Jason grabbed her by the arm pulling her back around to face him.
“You’re still my wife Jess.  You might think we’re over but I’m telling you this now, we’re far from over.”  Jason lowered his head taking her lips in one quick swoop.  She struggled to push him away as he held on tight.  Without notice Jason pulled back just as quick as he had moved in for the attack.  “Go have fun with your friends but know that I’ll be watching you.  I won’t allow you to go home with another man tonight.  I’m going to make sure you’re safe.”
He finally released her and strode away leaving her speechless…and breathless.  She cursed under her breath at the way her body had betrayed her.  One kiss from Jason and the same tingling started to radiate throughout her body.  One kiss and she had momentarily forgotten about everything between them.  That one kiss ignited the flame that only Jason knew how to handle.  Irritated, she made her way back over to their table where her friends had grouped together to observe the quarrel.  As soon as Jessica made it to the table she reached out for the AMF she had abandoned earlier for the dance floor and chugged every last drop of it down.  It wasn’t enough.  Adam was carrying a few drinks followed by one of his friends and Jessica wished they would walk a bit faster.  She even contemplated meeting him half way just to get to that drink. 
“What happened, Jess?”  Amy looked as irritated as Jessica felt.  “What did he want?”
“He said I was embarrassing him and myself by acting like a slut dancing with Adam,” she confessed to her friends.  Jason could make her feel out of control.  All these feelings running rampant inside were driving her crazy.
“What?”  The group said in unison.  “The nerve of him…” “He’s one to talk…” “Forget that jerk; he’s just jealous you’ve moved on to someone hotter…” 
Adam finally made it to their table and Jessica didn’t wait for anyone else as she reached out for two shot glasses and took one right after the other.  Amy sensed her friend needed to clear her mind so she pushed her shot glass towards Jessica which she gladly accepted.  Tory, being the life of the party she was, screamed out before drinking her own shot.  Jessica grabbed Adam claiming him for another dance.  Jason thought she was acting the slut before, well we can just see about that.  She threw herself into the music wanting to lose sanity as she slid up next to Adam.  He was more than willing to take on this aggressive side of her.  It was actually a turn on and he took full advantage of it as he placed his hand on her ass.  They danced through all the cat-calls from Tory who was dancing with Adam’s friend off to the side of them.  After dancing a few more songs they headed back to the table where Meghan and Amy were taking another drinking break.  Jessica slammed down another AMF and was totally lost now.  Adam knew an opportunity when he seen it so after the girls headed back out to dance he made his move.
“How about we get out of here?  Just the two of us…” he winked at her as he grinned like a kid in a candy store.
“Uh, sure…” Jessica stammered back holding the table for balance. 
Adam’s toothy grin grew wider.  “Great, I’ll go let your friends know so they won’t be worried alright.  Wait here.”
Jessica shook her head slightly trying to focus on anything but the spinning lights that were causing her to feel dizzy.  She stood there trying to fan herself but just could not cool down.
“Come on, let’s get some fresh air.”
Jessica shook her head in agreement and was lead out of the club.  As soon as they reached the entrance doors is when she really began to feel the inebriated state of her drunkenness.  She held on tighter to keep her balance, keeping her eyes to the ground.  Once they were outside Jessica managed to quietly say, “The Redbury, room 416,” without another thought.  He followed the instructions she had given to him without a word.  Inside the room, Jessica continued to lean against her date for support while he searched for the light switch.  “Just leave them off, please,” she requested.  Jessica was tired of seeing bright lights.  Her spinning head needed a break.
“Alright,” he answered.  He brought his hands up to her face, caressing his thumbs against her soft skin.  “So soft…” he murmured.  His thumbs traced over her lips and she felt a stirring in the pit of her belly.  It wasn’t from the alcohol but rather from the desire he was awakening inside.  Slowly she touched the tip of her tongue to his thumb and he moaned wanting to feel that tongue inside of his mouth.  With an urgent need he crushed her lips to his, thrusting his tongue deep inside tangling with her own.  It felt exotic.  It felt…right.
Jessica wrapped her arms around his neck and lost herself in this blissful moment.  His lips moved to her neck as he softly sucked pulling her midsection closer to his.  His hands roamed down her body as he skillfully removed her dress letting it fall to the floor.  His lips were on the move, lower, as his hands traveled up her body cupping below each breast.  His lips finally met the tops of Jessica’s breast as he teasingly nipped at the swelled flesh just visible over the top of her bra.  She let her head roll back as she took in this sensual pleasure, moaning with wanton desire.   Her hands moved to his hair, pulling him closer, wanting him to fulfill the aching need between her thighs. 
A low chuckle escaped his throat.  He knew she was ready for the taking but he wasn’t done with her just yet.  With a quick tug her bra had come undone and carelessly tossed on the ground.  The tip of his tongue teased her taunt nipple before he pulled it into his mouth, twisting his tongue as he suckled one while kneading the other with the palm of his hand.  Standing in the darkness, the room seemed to vibrate in the aura of sexual temptations and still he continued his masterful skills of seduction.  He moved even lower, his fingers hooking the sides of Jessica’s g-string pulling it down slowly.  An exhilarating wave crossed through her body when he bit the soft skin at her hip, moving lower and inward.  His nose tickled her when he softly licked the triangle where her legs came together.  It was so much pleasure she felt as though her legs would buckle beneath her.  Just as she felt she could take no more he stood swiftly, picking her up and carrying her over to the bed.  Quickly he shed his clothes unmindful of where they landed.  He climbed in bed next to her and kissed her neck once again.  She felt his rock hard erection stabbing against her hip.  More than anything she wanted to feel it inside her.
“Please, I need you…” Jessica begged.
“Mmm, say it again,” his voice raw with desire wanting to hear those words again.
“I need you…now…please…take it,” she cried out arching her hips towards his manhood.
It was exactly what he wanted to hear…  The way he wanted to hear it…  He quickly positioned above her and engulfed her in one full hard swoop.  “Ahh,” she moaned out in need.
“Yes baby, moan for me…Show me you want it.”
Jessica was so wrapped up in ecstasy that she paid no mind to the words he had just said.  She was too wrapped up in her own passion wanting the release she was so close to, nothing he said mattered.  He moved faster now, pulling himself completely out to plunge right back in harder than before.  Jessica felt the explosion as her body found the release she craved sending her spiraling into uncontrollable shudders.  He was close behind taking in his own release deep inside of her as he groaned out, “Ahh Jess…” 
He collapsed on top of her before rolling over to the side.  Jessica’s body spent, her energy dwindled down to nothing, and her alcohol fueled mind completely losing focus as she finally drifted to a peaceful sleep.