Friday, August 23, 2013

Simply Amazing - Chapter 11

Jessica awoke late the next morning after finally drifting off to sleep just as the sun began to rise.  She stretched out nudging Jason’s sleeping form next to her.  He was still there, fast asleep.  Not wanting to disturb his slumber after his restless night of aches and pains he received from his latest beating, Jessica silently crawled out of bed very cautious not to wake him.  Making her way downstairs to make a pot of coffee, she wondered what would come of their relationship next.  How would he try to win her over if she left for New York?  If she was perfectly honest with herself she knew he would have no problem with achieving his goal.  Jason never gave up on something he wanted; she knew this from past experience.  He was smooth and unrelenting.  It was only a matter of time…
There had never been an argument since they started dating that he wasn’t able to worm his way out of.  No matter how mad she had been Jason always found a way to get her talking to him again.  Then again he had never hurt her as bad as he had this time.  It felt so confusing to feel one way one moment only to feel the complete opposite the next.  This time away should help put a perspective on things. 
Jason slowly made his way into the kitchen and over to the breakfast bar where she was still seated soaking up the warmth of the sun as the late morning passed.  Sipping her coffee she watched as Jason poured a cup feeling very familiar in the Tramane kitchen.  When he sat down next to her he finally spoke, “You’re still leaving…”  He didn’t ask but rather stated as he already knew her decision. 
Jessica took a deep breath, looking down at the coffee as she swirled it around in her cup.  “I think I need to.”
It was quiet once again and when he spoke his next words it startled her.  “Alright…I’m going with you.”  Perhaps it was the words she had just heard or maybe even the definitive way he spoke them, Jessica knew this man was here for the long haul no matter what.  He was here to fight for them and it was very touching.
“No, you have work and you just landed the Dawson case.  You know you can’t leave now,” Jessica said really taking a look at her husband.  He seem different somehow….tired and worn.  This whole mess, which he created, was also taking a toll on him as well.
“There will be other cases Jess but there’s only one you…”
“No, I don’t want the added stress of you leaving such an important time in your career.  I don’t want to be a part of that.  Plus, I don’t think you should come with me.”  Her words stung him she knew even without having seen it upon his face she knew.  “I need time, that’s all.  I can’t see you every day and be able to look past everything.  I just can’t…”
With a sigh, Jason reached over and took her hand.  “I’m sorry Jess.  I know I need to let you go but it’s killing me inside.  I messed up, I know.  If not every day then how about just the weekends?  I could fly out at the end of each week and spend the weekend winning back your love.”  He was serious about this.  He had a look of determination and hope.  The spark was just a small glimmer barely visible in his eye but it was there nonetheless.  Jessica had to smile at his will of strength for them and their marriage.  “Does that mean yes?” he asked smiling at his apparent win.
“You’re too much do you know that?  Alright, you can come on the weekends but only if you end things with what’s her face…”
“Already done…”
“Swear to me, Jason.  Promise me things are over and you will never do this again,” Jessica held his gaze, serious once again.
“I swear to it.  It’s over and I promise you I will never stray again.  I love you, Jess.  I won’t take a chance on losing you again,” Jason swore to her with his hand over his heart, his left hand raised as he made this pledge.
“Fine, I’m leaving tomorrow.  You can come see me next weekend.  Don’t make me regret this Jason.”
“I won’t, I promise,” he said as he jumped out of his chair to give her a hug only to stop mid step from the shooting pain in his ribs.  Jessica jumped up and assisted him over to the sitting room where he could lie back on the sofa and rest his aching bones.  The late morning faded into afternoon then early evening as the two sat talking and enjoying one another’s company as if nothing had occurred these past few weeks.  It was relaxing.  It was blissful.  But would this be able to last…only time would tell and she was ready to forgive. 
The week passed quickly as Jessica spent the entertaining hours of her days with her niece’s giggles and the companionship of her brother and his wife.  Jason flew out to visit as planned and their friendly banter continued on making it difficult for them to say goodbye when it was time for Jason to head back to LA.  It had been a good visit.  Dinner in the city, dancing until dawn, they were dating again and rekindling their love.
Each weekend had been different.  Jason had things planned each and every time they were together.  It was magical.  Jessica looked forward to their visits and wondered if it was time to go home.  The divorce petition had been cancelled and here it was six weekends later and things had definitely seemed like they had changed.  The only problem now was it was not a good time to move back home.  Jane was due in just another two weeks and she had been having contractions for the past month as it was.  The baby would be here before they knew it and Jessica had promised to be here to help out.  There was that saying “absence makes a heart grow fonder…” well wasn’t that the truth.
Jackson was forced to hold his tongue on the subject of Jason, all thanks to Jane.  It had been something Jessica overheard during the first week she had arrived.  Jane was trying to reason with Jackson on Jessica’s behalf.  It’s her decision, she is a grown woman and this is her life…” she had said to an arguing Jax.  He only wanted the best for his sister.  It really bothered him that Jason was still in the picture after the way he treated Jess.  It was just unfathomable that this dirt-bag was still in the picture.  Even worse was the fact that he had to be civil to this scum each time he flew in to visit, even welcome him into his own home for crying out loud. 
It was the last time that Jason had come to see Jessica before the baby was born that she first had the familiar stirrings that something just didn’t feel right.  Jason tried to put on a smile and be attentive but every now and again she would witness this lost and devoid look in his eyes.  When she questioned him on it he would rub his neck, run his hands through his hair and mentally shake whatever was troubling him out of his mind.  It’s nothing, just work...” he would use as his excuse.  She knew it was possible he was telling her the truth.  After all Jason had been working day and night on this case and then would fly across county to see her made it hard to catch up on his sleep.  He must be feeling run down but was too devoted to making her love him again that he neither cared nor thought of how it was affecting his health and sleep patterns. 
When Jane had gone into labor the Tuesday after Jason’s last visit Jessica called him ecstatic with the news she was sure would make him just as happy.  “It’s happening!” she exclaimed over the phone.  “We’re at the hospital right now.  I can’t believe it…it’s finally time,” she said joyously.
“Hey, that’s great honey.  Make sure you give my best to Jane and Jax,” Jason said with a smile.  Although he sounded happy the exuberance that she felt was missing from him.
“Are you busy?”  She had to ask because it was obvious he was distracted.
“Uh, no, just working…” his answer was short and his voice seemed to trail off clearly distracted as she had guessed from his first answer.
“Oh…it’s just…never mind, forget it.  I’ll let you go then since you’re busy.”  She felt disheartened.
“Jess, wait…” he sighed, “I’m not busy.  So how is Jane doing?  Is she feeling alright?  I bet Jackson is a nervous wreck.”  Jason leaned his head back and closed his eyes.  He had to focus and not slip up now after all the progress they had made.  He needed Jessica in his life and things had been improving.  Jason was sure once she returned from New York things would go back to normal and Jessica would move back home.  Things were within his grasp.  Spencer had been right, after word started to spread of their impending divorce Jason began to receive the cold shoulder from many who were influenced by the Tramane family.  Fixing their relationship would benefit him both personally and financially.  Plus there was the fact that he really did love her.  She was fun, caring and most of all she was gorgeously sexy. 
“He’s holding up pretty well under the circumstances.  Well, he’s trying to make out that everything is fine but if I know my brother he probably wishes everything was done and over with and everyone was fine.  Jane’s doing great though.  She’s calm and she’s holding back the pain as much as possible trying not to worry Jax.  I envy them…their love for each other,” Jessica admitted wishing it was her and Jason going through this situation right now.  Although her career was still first on her mind being around Summer these past few weeks has made the desire burn even more to have children of her own. 
“That’s great.  Make sure you call me as soon as the baby is born.”
“Alright…I miss you, Jason.”
Jason breathed heavily on the phone.  With a tug at his heart he finally spoke, “I miss you too.  I love you honey.”
Jessica ended the call with unease flittering through her body.  The feeling dissipated almost instantly as Summer came running over, quite unsteady, and grabbed onto her leg.  Picking up the toddler full of giggles she pushed the feeling aside and went to check on Jane.