Friday, June 28, 2013

Simply Amazing - Chapter 3

Night turned to morning and sleep had evaded Jessica after she retired to the spare room.  Not wanting to have to deal with Jason yet, she decided to rise early and head out for work.  Right now, there was nothing else he could say that would help matters.  There were so many decisions she was contemplating but was uncertain which would be best.  The discomforting throbbing ache that had settled on her temple last night continued to persist making it hard to focus.  Jason on the other hand was sleeping sounding as if the events of last night didn’t exist.  Sprawled across the bed, the covers were low revealing him bare from the waist up.  Stopping to gaze at his still form made Jessica’s heart tighten with pain.  Quietly returning to her morning routine not wanting to disturb him, she finished in record time eager to get out of this house…away from him.
Since it was so early traffic to the office wasn’t as busy.  She was three blocks away when she received the first call from Jason.  He must have just woken up and found her missing.  Ignoring the call, she drove on as she turned up the radio in her BMW.  The surround sound belted One Direction’s Apologize.  Jessica smirked at the irony.  How fitting she mused.  They always say the songs you hear on the radio reflect whatever you happen to be going through in life.  In this case the saying was true.  Parking her car in the garage she sat and tried to compose her emotions that threatened to be released again.  Her phone went off again as Jason tried to reach her for the second time this morning.  Funny how yesterday she hadn’t heard one word from him all day and today…well today was different.
By mid-morning Jessica had accomplished most of the day’s work.  Jason had continued to call using both her cell and her office line.  Not once did she have the strength to pick up the phone and finally talk to him.  It wasn’t until almost lunch when her brother Robert called that she stopped to take a break.
“Hey Robbie, what’s up?”  Jessica answered.
“Hey Jess, are you busy?”  Robert asked.
“No, not really, just going over a few things.  Why?”  She leaned back in her chair closing her eyes as she rubbed the sore area around her temple with her free hand.
“Uh, Jason called me.  He was asking if I had seen you.  Is something going on?  He sounded stressed out,” Rob asked worried about his sister.
“No, nothing going on with me,” she didn’t want to let anyone know what was going on right now.  Not before a decision was made on how to handle this.  Maybe not ever if she decided to work it out with Jason. 
“Are you sure?  You don’t sound too hot yourself.  Come on sis, what gives?”  There it was again, the siblings could never hide anything from one another.
“I’m fine,” would he believe that lie?
“You’re fine…” he repeated.
“No…I don’t believe that.  You’ve never lied to me before so I don’t know why you think you need to start now.  But if you don’t want to talk about it then I’m not going to force you,” Rob told his sister.  Robert was the patient brother, understanding that she needed time right now. 
“Thanks, Robbie.”  Jessica felt grateful to have him as a brother.
“I’ll be here when you’re ready.  So, I’ve got some news.  It’s pretty big actually,” he said with a smile.
Jessica was happy to change the subject.  “Really, well come on, out with it.” 
“I performed my first solo surgery,” he beamed. 
“Robbie, that’s awesome!”  She was truly thrilled hearing his news.  This was huge for him.  She was so proud her brother the doctor.  They continued talking for another ten minutes to catch up.  Rob’s schedule was hectic lately and they hadn’t spoken in a few days.  Talking with her brothers was always fun and obviously therapeutic as she felt as if her spirits had lifted.
After listening to Rob talk of his newest girlfriend she realized she wasn’t ready to give up on Jason just yet.  They had been together for 3 years and in that time not once did he ever give her reason not to trust him…until now.  Three years was a lot to just give up on.  After all Jason had been there for her countless times.  He had been her rock when her father had his heart attack.  He was patient and supportive when Jackson had been shot.  After all that how could she just give up on him after one lapse in judgment?  She needed to talk to him, find out what they need to do to save their marriage.  It wasn’t something she wanted to discuss over the phone.  It was time for lunch so the best thing to do was to go see him now before there was time to doubt her decision.  Grabbing her purse and cell phone she rushed to her car wanting to get to Jason before he left the office for lunch.
Traffic was slower than she had hoped but she wanted to surprise him by showing up unannounced.  Not to stress him out…well, maybe a little stress wouldn’t hurt.  After all, Jason deserved some form of retribution for the way he has behaved.  Showing up at his office he was bound to think she had come to confront that slut Robyn.  In all honesty, this was the first time today that she thought of that slut.  Until now her mind had been occupied of Jason and his treachery, but never of the slut.  How would she react if she came face to face with her?  Jessica was not the type of person to cause a scene but under the emotional distress she’s been under who knows what her reaction will be.
Finally pulling into the parking lot Jessica immediately spotted Jason’s black Range Rover.  She parked across the lot a few feet down from him, turning off her car and checking her makeup before she got out.  Turning, Jessica instantly froze as the smile on her face faded.  Walking towards her was Jason…hand in hand with that slut Robyn.  Anger boiled over as she became enraged at witnessing the two lovers laughing, even sharing a quick kiss before reaching the car.  They drove off together not even realizing she had been standing a few feet away.  Jumping into the car she followed them a few blocks to a nearby hotel.  Jason parked and they entered the hotel together.  She felt constricted, needing air as a large lump formed in her throat filled with pent up sobs.
Breathe, her mind told her, just breathe.  Grabbing her phone out of her purse she speed-dialed Jason wondering if he would even answer her call.  Surprise, surprise, he picked up on the second ring.
“Jess, where are you?  I’ve been trying to get a hold of you all morning,” Jason asked playing the concerned husband part.  “Jess?” he called out again when she didn’t respond.
“Um, yeah, I went into the office early and was swamped all morning,” she finally managed to croak out.
“Oh, I was worried when I woke up and you were gone.  I thought maybe…” he trailed off.
“No, I didn’t leave.  I thought we could talk…about things.  I’m free for lunch.”  Let’s see how he handles this one…Jessica held her breath waiting for his response.  This was it.   Their marriage was riding on this.
Jason paused for a brief second.  “Uh, I’m kind of in the middle of something for the case.  But I want to see you.  Can you give me, um,” he paused once again, “about an hour and a half?”
Tears welled up in her eyes as she tried to hold back the sobs.  “Sure.”
“Jess, are you alright?  You sound like…” Jason felt bad when he heard the barely audible sound that Jessica had muffled.  She watched from her car as she seen Jason walk back out of the hotel.  “Hey, listen if you want to talk right now I’ll leave right now.”  He ran his hand through his hair as he paced around not taking notice that Robyn had followed him out and was listening.
“But I thought you were busy?”  A glimmer of hope ignited in her chest.
“Jess, I love you.  I’m never too busy for you.  I want to make sure you’re alright.  Where are you?  I’ll come to you.” 
“Ok, I’m in my car so let’s go to the coffee shop we always meet at,” Jessica suggested as she continued to watch them.
“Sure, I’ll head there now.  See you in a bit.”  Jason ended the call and turned to Robyn who now was standing with her hands on her hips looking very, very irritated.  Jessica smiled as she watched their interaction.  Jason throwing his hand out during this heated interaction with his mistress in front of the hotel.
“Bitch,” Jessica smirked when Robyn stomped away heading back inside…alone.
After Jason left the parking lot Jessica decided it was safe to head to the coffee shop.  Taking an alternative route so her husband didn’t see the car following him, she made it to the coffee shop just minutes after he arrived.
“Thank you for coming,” she said as they walked inside together.
“Anything for you, you know that.”
He seemed so loving right now, so concerned about her like he always did in the past.  After they picked up their coffee and found a table to sit at they started to speak again.  “I wanted to know what you want, what you expect to happen next,” Jessica stated cutting directly to the chase.
“Well, I want you.  You’re all I ever wanted.  And I hope you still want me too,” he said a little nervously.
“What about her?”  There was no need to use her name.  She was nothing, a piece of garbage that had soiled what they had taken so long to build.
“It’s over, I told you last night.”
Jessica stared into his eyes as he sat there and lied to her.  “So you told her already?”
“Yes, I told her this morning that what happened was a mistake.  From here forward I don’t want any contact from her unless its work related.”  Jason was smooth the way he kept calm, knowing she would pick up on any shiftiness. 
“Really?  So you’re sure that this is what you want?  I don’t want to trap you to a marriage if you’re not happy.”
Jason took her hand in his, softly caressing her palm.  “Honey, you are the only one I want to spend my life with.  I promise never to hurt you again.”
Although his words sounded good, it was just empty promises.  Truth of the matter was he was hurting her even more with these lies when she knew the truth.  “I want to believe you.”
“You can.”
“We need to take it day by day.  But if you do something like this again there won’t be another chance.” 
“I won’t.  Jess, I love you.  Thank you for giving us another chance.  I swear you will see.  I’ll prove to you that you can trust me.”  He was all smiles now.
“I have to get back now.  I’ll see you at home,” Jessica said as she stood up ready to leave.  Jason walked her to the car expecting a kiss but it wasn’t going to happen.  Even if she hadn’t just witnessed him with that slut, it was too soon after last night.  As she pulled away Jason took out his phone and made a call.
“I’m on my way.  Be ready…”
When Jason left the coffee shop, he had no clue that he was being followed.  Jessica knew he was lying and she had a feeling he was running back to that slut waiting at the hotel.  And she was right.  Ten minutes later they had arrived back at the same hotel she followed him to earlier.  She quickly parked so she could follow him inside, making sure there was enough distance between them.  Jason stopped at the front desk to ask for the second key to room 314.  While he took the elevator Jessica took the stairs to the third floor reaching the landing just in time to see him enter the room.  It took a moment for an idea to come to light but as soon as it did she pounced on it.  Reaching for her phone she called the hotel.
“Hi, I would like to order a bottle of Champaign for room 314.  Please have it sent up right away.  Add the charges to the bill, under Jason Stanhope.  Yes, that will be all, thank you.”
Now she patiently waited just hidden around the corner as room service brought up the cart containing the Champaign bottle nestled in a bucket of ice and 2 glasses.   The guy delivering the cart rapidly knocked on the door, “Room service!”  Jason flung open the door pants unbuttoned and shirtless.
“We didn’t order any room service.” He sounded irritated.  Well he was about to get a rude awakening.  Jessica walked around the corner, eyes blazing as she reached Jason and the hotel employee.
“I ordered it,” she said with authority.  Jason’s eyes bulged, mouth dry, as his jaw dropped in shock.  Jessica used his shock to push right past him into the room viewing Robyn trying to cover up wearing nothing but her bra and thong.  “I thought perhaps you two might want to celebrate.  I mean after all this is your lucky day right?  About to become a free man once again…”
“Jess…” he started to say after finally finding his voice.
“Don’t bother.  I don’t want to hear any more lies from you.”  Jason closed his mouth.  There was nothing he could really say.  He had been caught and there was no way out of this.  “I just don’t understand why you would throw away everything we had for some cheap easy sex.  I gave you everything….EVERYTHING!”  Jessica shouted at him before trying to control her temper.  With a sad smile she said, “You chose your bed, I’m done.  I hope one day when you look back you realize everything you gave up today.  And the day you do is the day you will try to call me and I will say Jason who?” 
Turning to leave, she halted and glanced back at her husband she had just lost.  “Oh, there’s one more thing…” Jessica swung her hand as hard as she could and smacked Jason straight across the face.  She looked at Robyn, “You’re lucky you’re getting off so easy bitch.  But I don’t feel like getting arrested today.”  Now with a satisfied smile across her face as Jason held his hand up to his cheek, she walked off feeling a little better. 
Deciding to take the rest of the day off, Jessica headed home and packed up some of her things.  She was not going to stay there waiting for Jason to come home, if he came home.  Her parents didn’t live very far from here, she would go stay there until she found another place on her own.  Jason could keep the house.  There was no way she would be able to continue living there with so many happy memories and dreams now shattered.  Jason could do whatever he wanted to do with the house, live in it, rent it or sell it.  It made no difference if he wanted to torch it down to the ground.  It was no longer her home.  There was now a bitter taste in her mouth wondering if this was the first time Jason had strayed.  Maybe this was just the first time he had been caught.  It was all so overwhelming, all of the emotions that were twisting and changing from hurt to anger to disappointment and to shame.  What would become of her life now?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Simply Amazing - Chapter 2

The drive home wasn’t too bad, rush hour was over and the traffic that was left on the freeway was moving along smoothly.  Jason had not tried to reach her once today.  The thought occurred that Jason could be home preparing dinner to make up for his lack of concern lately.  That thought was immediately thwarted when the garage door opened and was empty. 
“It was a long shot anyway…” Jessica said to herself.  Once inside she went on with her routine over the past few months.  First, look through the mail before heading upstairs to change, then back downstairs to start on dinner.  Since it was late and there was no telling when Jason would be home, something simple and quick seemed the best option tonight.  Standing in front of the fridge with the door wide open Jessica searched for something that looked appetizing to her.  After a minute of standing there she realized it was useless, nothing looked appealing right now.  She had no appetite.  Aimlessly walking through the house trying to find something to occupy her time she finally gave up and headed upstairs to bed.  Not feeling sleepy, she was still able to lie down to rest her head which was beginning to throb just slightly. 
It was half past eight when Jason finally made it home.  His footsteps echoed as he climbed up the stairs trying to be as quiet as possible.  Once inside the room he tossed his jacket on the winged high backed chair that sat in the corner just to the left of the entryway.  Assuming his wife was asleep Jason left the lights off in the room as he slowly but carefully walked to the restroom to jump in the shower.  Jessica continued to lie quietly still as she listened to his muffled movements across the room.  Jessica contemplated on whether to go talk to Jason as he showered or to wait until he came to bed.  It was upsetting that they had not spoken once since they left for work early this morning.  This had been the first day of their marriage that there had been no communication.  Jason was busy at work, and this new case would absorb most of his time but it was strange that as a newlywed he had not thought of his wife once today.
When he had finally finished with his shower, which seemed to take a little longer than usual, Jessica was surprised again when he left the room headed back downstairs.  She was sure he would come to bed to cuddle up next to her.  It was possible that he was hungry and went down for a snack.  It was very likely that he had not eaten since lunch, if he even took time out to have lunch.  He was bound to be back within moments after a quick bite.  Time tickled on and finally what seemed like ages, Jason joined his wife in bed reaching his arm out around her as he adjusted to get comfortable.  The heavy sigh was apparent to him and he finally broke the silence.
“You awake?”
“I’m up…” she responded not turning over to face him.
“I didn’t wake you did I?” he asked with concern.
“No, I wasn’t asleep, just resting.”
“Good, cause I’ve missed you,” snuggling his nose beneath her ear before kissing her on the same spot.  He was feeling frisky, which made Jessica feel relieved for some reason.  When the soft moan escaped her throat Jason pulled her to face him before continuing his light kisses along her neck.  With all else forgotten in the moment, Jessica let the mechanisms of his touch take over her mind and body and enjoyed the sweet bliss he was offering…

She awoke in a start feeling as if she were falling with nothing to grab onto.  Dazed and trying to focus in the dark bedroom she glanced over to see what time it was.  It was just after one in the morning and the weariness was pulling her back into a comfortable slumber.  Snuggling deeper into the pillows, pulling the blankets closer around her shoulders is when she realized the vast king sized bed felt rather empty.  Turning her head needing to visually see she was not mistaken that she was indeed alone in bed.  Jessica sat up in bed fully alert now turning to see if Jason had gone to the restroom, but the light was off.  Deciding to search for her husband and drag him back to bed, she pulled on her robe and headed downstairs. 
Intending to head towards the kitchen, Jessica stopped at the bottom step of the stair case when she heard Jason’s voice coming from the office.  Who is he talking to this late at night she wondered?  The door was open slightly, enough to listen in but unable to view inside. 
Jason laughed softly, “Do you now…”  It felt like her heart had stalled as she recognized that tone of voice as his playful sexy one he often used with her these past few years.  “Well, I think I can take care of that for you…” “I know I wish I was there too…” “Well, I could guide you.  Just imagine it’s me there touching you…”
Jessica slid her back down the wall sitting on the bottom step, her heart shattered as it fell to the pit of her stomach.  Nausea bubbled up into her throat as tears stung at her eyes.  This couldn’t be real…it just wasn’t happening.  Disbelief claimed her mind even as she continued to listen on while Jason gave his very intimate instructions to the person on the other end of the phone.   There was no way for her to know how long she sat there, paralyzed by the painful words her husband was using with another.  “That’s it baby, get loud for me…”  Forced to hear every detail of his betrayal, pieces of her soul chipped away leaving her numb.  “Just like I did to you at the hotel…”  The only feeling was the throbbing at her temple from her mind screaming mercilessly.  “Alright baby, get some rest for tomorrow…”  “I miss you too…”
Those were his final words before ending the call.  The tone was unmistakable, there was a satisfied smile lingering on his face as he quietly walked from the room, stopping short when he noticed his wife sitting on the step, head rested back against the wall with eyes closed.  The audible gasp escaped Jason causing anger to flare up inside Jessica’s body.  “Jess, what are you doing?”
Opening her eyes she took in the sight of the man she loved, the man she wanted to spend her life with, have children and grow old together.  His wide eyes and pale skin were easily visible even with the dim light that shone through the glass of the French doors from the porch. 
“Jess…” he said again apparently unable to move himself. 
With a voice unrecognizable to her own ears she finally spoke, “Who is she?”  Jason tried to compose himself standing upright, inhaling deeply as he struggled to come up with a feasible lie.
“What?”  Nothing was coming to him, mind blank.
“WHO IS SHE?”  Jessica yelled out becoming more incensed by every second that passed.  He stood there without saying a word, with no response.  “JASON!”
“What?”  It was the only word he was capable of mouthing.  Her tear stricken face hardened as she jumped up to face him eye to eye.
“Damn it Jason!  Tell me NOW!” 
“Jess, calm down,” he finally said raising his hands up trying to take control of a bad situation.
“Don’t tell me to calm down!  I want to know who you were talking to,” Jessica bellowed as she backed away when he reached out for her.
“It was nothing.  Just let it go, alright.”  Jason’s refusal to answer her just added fuel to the fire as she watched him run his hand over his face becoming weary after the preliminary shock of being discovered.  “Come on, let’s just to bed.  It’s late and we’re both really tired.”
“Don’t touch me,” jerking away from his grasp once again.  “So you’re not going to answer me or what?”
“What do you want me to say, Jess?”  Jason was becoming enraged himself.  Why wouldn’t she just drop it like he asked? 
“I want you to tell me the truth!  Who were you talking to?”
Sighing again, he started up the stairs as he avoided the question again, “Just stop, Jess.  You don’t know what you’re talking about.  I’m going to bed.  If you want to come too then fine, but I’m not going to argue with you.  It’s late and I have a busy day tomorrow.”
“Of course you do.  I heard all about it.  Is it someone from the office?”  Jessica demanded as she followed him back to the room.  Jason went straight to the bed and flinched when she flipped on the bright lights.
“Come on, Jess!  I said I’m tired.  There’s nothing to say so just DROP IT!”  Jason yelled back. 
“How dare you raise your voice at me…You’re the one that’s in the wrong here!  Don’t treat me like I’m some stupid girl.  I heard you, Jason.  I heard you…” and the tears began to fall once again.  Jason walked over to the chair she had just collapsed in and knelt down at her knees.  Trying to force her hands away from her face to look into her tormented eyes then he finally started to feel remorse over hurting his wife. 
“Jessica, look at me…please.  There’s nothing to cry about honey.  I’m sorry, I promise you, I love you and only you.”  He really meant what he said.  He did love his wife.  This thing he had going on with Robyn didn’t mean anything.  He wasn’t in love with her.  It was just sex to take their minds off of the stress at work.  He felt there was no need to go into detail and hurt Jessica any further with this.  “Please honey, let’s go to bed.  Let me show you how much I love you.”  He started placing kisses at the tip of her knee moving slowing up to her thigh.  “Oww,” he grunted in pain.
Jessica had a handful of his hair, pulling his lips away from her skin, disgusted by his touch.  “I said don’t touch me!  And don’t give me your lies.  Don’t deny what I know I heard.  I know there’s someone else.”
“Damn it Jess!  Calm your ass down!  I told you I loved you, isn’t that enough?  What do you want from me?”  Jason was really irritated now.  Why did she have to keep nagging about it?
“Apparently that’s not enough since you’re seeing someone else!”
“I’m not ‘seeing’ her, alright…” he took in a deep breath, “It was just to clear my mind at work.  It meant nothing.”
“Clear your mind?  Jason, that’s what I’m here for…we have always had a good communication.  I just don’t understand why you would do this…How could you hurt me like this?  Hurt us?”  Didn’t they talk about everything?  And it’s not like he was desperate for sex, they were still newlyweds for crying out loud. 
“I didn’t mean to hurt you, Jess.”  Jason seemed to have calmed down after that hair pulling incident. 
“But you did…how could you think something like this wouldn’t have hurt me?”
“I wasn’t thinking.  She was just there…she made herself available to me.  I guess I was just weak.  I’m sorry…”
“Why?  I never turn you down, why would you go to someone else?  Was it just to have something different?”  It just didn’t make sense to her.  Why would he be weak if he had it available at home whenever he wanted?  Why would he need a change so early in their marriage?  And what would this mean when they had been together for 10 years rather than 3 months?  Or 20…even 30 years?  “I can’t believe this is happening.  I keep thinking I’m going to wake up any minute but it is real.”
“Don’t worry, it’s over.  I won’t hurt you again.  I love you, Jess.  I swear to you, you won’t have to worry, I won’t do it again.”  His head was hung low and it was hard to wonder if he seemed to be so saddened because he had hurt her or if it was because he was giving up his mistress.
“That’s not good enough.  How can I trust you after what you’ve done?  I don’t even want you touching me knowing you touched someone else the same way you touch me.  No, Jason, I can’t let it go and just not worry…”
“Then tell me what I have to do…What will it take to get back what we had?”  With all of his apologies there’s something in his voice that didn’t seem very sincere when he said that last part. 
“I honestly don’t know.”
“I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.  Ask me your questions,” he said with firm conviction.
“Who is she?”  This was the first thing Jessica wanted to know.  Who was this home wrecking bitch that slept with her husband?
Jason looked uncomfortable, as well he should be.  He deserved to be embarrassed over what he did.  “It was Robyn.”
“From the office…that brunette you work with on every freaking case you have been involved in since you started working there?  That’s the Robyn you’re talking about?”  Unbelievable, they had met before, even socialized together.
“Yes.  But I swear I’m telling you the truth when I say it was nothing.”  It was easy for him to say this now after the fact. 
“How long has this been going on?”
“Just after the Donaldson case, so about two maybe three weeks.  I know your next question is going to be how did it happen, who started it?  Well, after the win we all went out to celebrate.  We had a lot to drink that evening and it just happened.  I was going to put an end to it right after that night but she came on to me and it made me feel good about myself, like I still had something.  I knew it was wrong but then she kept coming back for more.  I was an idiot.” 
His words were like a knife through the heart.  “You were with her tonight?  Is that why you were late?”
“Yes.”  It was a simple answer but that one word demolished the thin barrier Jessica had created with her anger as heart wrenching sobs spilled out.  Jason wanted to go to her, hold her in his arms to take the pain he created away but knew she would not welcome his touch.  So he continued to sit on the edge of the bed, head hung low unable to see the torment she was going through.
“You’ve been having sex with her then come home and sleep with me?  How could you do that?  Do you realize how disgusting that is?”  This was just sick.  Didn’t he even think about the risks he was putting her in?  Who knows what he could have brought home and had given her?
“I always made sure I showered first.  I wouldn’t come to our bed dirty like that.”  Like that was supposed to make a difference, put her at ease.  He was crazy to think that would help in anyway.
“So I’m assuming that since you were drunk that first time you weren’t using protection.  Did you ever use any precautions?”  This answer was going to be difficult to hear.  She had a feeling she already knew the answer.
“No,” he said simply.
“Was she better than me?”  Jessica’s throat felt constricted.
“No!  Of course not, Jess.  With you, it’s wonderful.  I can’t even begin to explain it.”  Jason finally looked directly at her.  This was the obvious answer, the answer he had to give, truth behind it or not.  “Jess, come to bed now.  It’s late, we can finish this tomorrow.  I want you to get some rest.”
“No, I can’t sleep.  You go ahead.  I’ll be in the spare room.”  Jessica stood up ready to get some space from him and from this room where they had spent nothing but happy nights until now.  Jason walked over, wrapping his arms around her trapping her arms to her sides.  Jessica felt no emotion at this point.  She was just a hollow shell of what she used to be.
“Jess, honey, I do love you.  I will find a way to make this up to you somehow.  I promise I won’t put you through this again.” 
Jessica left the room after that without another word.  Exhaustion set in making her body feel heavy although sleep would deprive her of this night.  There were just too many things to think about.  Could she really trust him after this?  It was obvious Jason was upset that he hurt her this way.  Jessica lay on the bed in the spare guest room staring into nothingness.  They still had so much to discuss, so much to overcome.  And there was the question did she really want to overcome this and stay with him? 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Simply Amazing - Chapter 1

It was getting late and he still wasn't home... Jessica looked out of the living room window, her forehead pressed against the glass, as she peered down the road.  The darkened neighborhood was quiet.  All the kids had gone in for the night.  Worry began to set in as she paced from one room to another. 
            “Why hasn’t he called?” She wondered glancing over at the clock once again. 
            Jason and Jessica had been married for three months.  It was the happiest three months Jessica had felt in a long time.  Not only was she married to a prominent young attorney who she had fallen head over heels for when they first met attending Princeton but things had finally managed to turn around with her family as well.  Her father seemed to be doing much better after his heart attack; especially now that her brother Jackson had come home to mend the rift that had separated them for the last decade.
            Once the Tramane family had come together again, Jackson brought an addition to the family.  Not only did he marry an amazing woman but they brought the beautiful Miss. Summer Grace into this world.  Jess loved being an aunt.  What she didn’t love was that her brother lived in New York, not exactly visiting distance from her Southern California home.  But being the loving aunt meant weekly calls and video chats until she was able to fly back to see them in person. 
            When they got the call that Jax had been injured by the hand of a jealous ex-lover everyone thought the worst.  The family flew back to New York as soon as they received the news.  Jane was a wreck and although everyone was worried for Jackson, they tried to stay strong for his new bride.  She had just gone through a difficult pregnancy and had recently discovered she was expecting once again.  The stress from the shooting took its toll on everyone, including Will, Jackson’s childhood friend.  It was during that time that Jess and Jason had postponed their wedding.  Jason had been very understanding and supported his fiancĂ© through the whole ordeal.  Jessica felt more love for him than ever seeing that through thick and thin Jason would be there for support.
            It took a few weeks before her brother was able to move out of ICU.  Once he was in the clear of immediate danger and everyone was able to relax a bit more Jessica knew their wedding date would have to be moved out until who knows when if they were to continue with the original plans for the large wedding they had been preparing for.  That was just too long and with everything that had happened recently it was proven that life was full of unexpected events.  Instead of having the huge wedding at the country club the couple decided to have a quick ceremony just the two of them in front of a judge.  For the couple, it had been the most spontaneous and romantic thing they had done together. 
They were truly in love and had finally become husband and wife.  Never wanting to be separated from one another as any newlywed, they tried to make it home every evening at a decent hour so they could share a nice dinner together.  On the occasion when one or the other had to stay late at the firm they would always call the other to make aware of their plans.  So it was odd that tonight when Jason had not arrived home at his usual 5:45 pm that Jessica had not received a call or even a text from him.  Glancing at her watch and making her way back over to peer out the window for what seemed like the umpteenth time she began to really become worried. 
“Almost eight,” she announced to the empty room.  Once again dialing Jason’s number trying to reach him but reaching his voice mail instead, Jessica decided to try the office again.  The after-hours business recorder switched on and she hastily entered his extension number, trying the operator and a few of Jason’s colleagues whom she knew, but there was still no answer.  The only other option at this point was to take a drive over there.  Perhaps he was having car trouble and his cell phone battery had died.  Or maybe there was an important case and they had been locked away in the conference room trying to find evidence for the case and had lost track of time.  Please let it be anything other than something serious like an accident. 
The drive had seemed to have been hours when in reality it had only taken Jessica twenty minutes to reach Reeves & MacGreggor Associates.  Just taking a glance around there were no familiar cars in sight.  Where is he? Jess thought as she slowly drove through the parking lot.  Deciding to head back home Jessica pulled her car back onto the road and headed for the freeway as her mind was going in circles trying to think of anything Jason could have mentioned this morning.
The road leading to the two-story Tudor style home in the suburbs of LA was dark and vacant.  Finally pulling into the drive Jessica had the first signs of relief when she realized Jason’s car parked in the garage as the door slowing rolled open.  Rushing inside the only thought was of her husband and the fact that he was finally home safe. 
“Jason,” she called out frantically, running through the kitchen in search of her husband.  “Jason!”
After no sign of him in the living room or his office the next best option to check would be upstairs in their bedroom.  Perhaps he had just arrived and was still changing out of his suit.
“Jason!” Jessica called out as she crossed the landing from the stairs to the large door to the bedroom that was slightly ajar. 
Jason walked out of the adjoining restroom wearing his robe, drying off his hair with a bath towel.  “Jess,” he announced a little surprised as his wife ran to him, instantly wrapping his arms around her as she flung herself into him.  “What’s wrong, honey?”
“Oh Jason, I was so worried about you.  Why didn’t you call to let me know you were going to be late?”  The tears had started to fall and her voice choked with anguish.  “Where were you?”
He shifted slightly causing Jessica to pull back a little to look up at him.  Jason looked away not meeting her gaze as a cold chill settled over her body.  Something was wrong and immediately women’s intuition kicked in as he dropped his arms from their embrace and walked over to sit on the edge of the bed.
“What?  What is it?  Tell me Jason.”
With a heavy sigh, still not facing his wife’s inquiring stare he finally spoke. 
“I love you but I don’t know how to say this…” The chill spread across her body once again as time seemed to stop, holding her breath awaiting, dreading, his next words.  “I’m not going to be able to do this anymore…be with you here.  Not all the time anyway,” he added not able to contain the wide grin any longer when he finally looked at Jessica.  “Not since they gave me the Andrew Dawson case.”
The fear Jessica had felt had vanished replaced by pure joy and excitement for her husband.  Once again running to her husband, hugging him with all the love she had.
“Jason, that’s wonderful!”
“I know, right?  When Mark approached me this afternoon with the news, I couldn’t believe it.  Do you know what this will mean for me?” 
Shrugging away Jason leaped up and began pacing, speaking in more of a rush
“What it can mean for us?  Jess, we can have it all.  Everything is falling into place just like I knew it would when I set my mind on working for this firm.  Honey, if I can pull this off I will be the top dog there.  They will have to offer me a partnership once I can prove myself once I win this case.  Andrew Dawson!  Can you believe it?”
This was extremely good news.  Andrew Dawson is huge; being affiliated with his name alone could open doors for you.  Jason was right when he said they could have it all.  Notoriety not only in business but personal statute with big time players located throughout the world, a fortune to last them a lifetime.  It all sounded great.  This would mean so much to him, a tremendous accomplishment at his young age.  Jessica knew her husband had the ability and skills needed that would take him far and she was so proud to hear Mark and the other partners at Reeves & Mac Greggor took notice also. 
“We have to celebrate.  Let’s go out tonight.  We can order Champaign and eat at that restaurant over on Wilshire that your dad was talking about.  Or we can pack a bag and fly to Vegas.  Whatever you want, honey.  Tonight the sky’s the limit,” he grinned.
Jessica walked over, placing her arms around his shoulders.  “Whatever I want, huh?”  Starting kisses on his jaw line tickling him as her nose brushed against his ear. 
“Mmm, Jess, I think your idea of celebrating sounds a lot better…”
Jason turned his head, taking her mouth over with his tongue, holding her close to him as they let all of their amorous ambitions take hold.  All had been forgotten with that single kiss.  The excitement changed to a different type of excitement as the newlyweds let the passion engulf them.  The fear that had settled in Jessica’s mind and heart now gone, replaced by desire and love.  Nothing could stop the spark that lightened up the room….until the phone began to ring.
Breathing heavily, Jason glanced over at his cell.  “Sorry, honey, I need to take this.”  Picking up his cell, Jason got out of bed and walked out of the room heading to his office downstairs.  Jessica on the other hand, still lying on the bed breathless, stared up at the ceiling in disappointment.    This was bound to happen, important calls anytime of the day or night and any day of the week.  Being a lawyer meant there was always new business that needed handling or new information that couldn’t wait.  She would expect the same understanding from Jason so there was no difference.  It helped in both knowing what their career duties included.  Helped but there was still disappointment.
Jessica decided to go downstairs for a snack.  Raising up and reaching for her blouse that had been tossed without regard just moments before, Jess made her way downstairs wondering what she should do with the rest of her evening.  It was after nine in CA meaning it was after midnight in NY, so calling Jax to share Jason’s news was out of the question.  A smile touched her face as thoughts of her niece drifted across her mind.  Summer was such an angelic child, so precious.  Jessica fondly touched her abdomen longing for a child of her own to cherish and love…one day…but not too soon.  Children were a must, and Jason was well aware of that long before the nuptials.  Until then she would spoil her niece instead.  Perhaps now would be a good time to use some of that vacation time she still had.  Jason is going to be locked away for months working on this case. 
Andrew Dawson, big time movie producer, had filed for divorce from his wife of ten years and always used Reese and Mac Greggor Associates for all of his legal requirements.  Maureen Dawson, the soon-to-be-ex, had filed her own divorce petition and was rumored to be seeking a large chunk of Dawson’s fortune.  If all the gossip and tabloids were true, then she definitely deserves it and then some.  A woman scorned, Maureen would no doubt want her husband to pay, and what better way to make him pay then to go after the assets.  Poor Maureen…Jessica had met her briefly once while out shopping with her mother.  Of course her parents knew the Dawson’s, they knew everyone who rolled in that set.  Her father was an important businessman himself and her mother well she was right up there with the rest of the socialite wives.  When they had ran into Maureen that one afternoon she was very friendly, even wishing her well on the impending nuptials. 
Jessica sat at the breakfast island and wondered how after ten years a couple could drift so far away from the other.  Her own parents had been married for thirty years now and seemed to have the same love and affection she admired in them over the years when she was a young girl.  This was the type of marriage she wanted for her and Jason.  A lifetime together…it wasn’t too much to ask for.  It may only be 3 months but Jessica was sure that their marriage would last, which now reminded her of Jason’s behavior earlier.  He may have been joking around but for a second there doubt and unease had settled in.  He would have to make up for that one,” she thought.  She picked up the apple she decided to snack on and began peeling the skin while in deep thought.  There was still the fact that Jason had not answered any of her calls or texts, and why was he so late?  Case or no case, they still needed to communicate no matter how busy their work schedule was.
“Is that what you’re having for dinner?”
Jason’s voice startled her from her musings of this evening.  “Not very hungry,” she answered.  Communication, it was now or never, “Why were you late?  You didn’t call…”
“Sorry, I was just so wrapped up in discussing the case with Mark that I lost track of time.  I didn’t mean to worry you.”  He walked over and took the apple and the paring knife from her hands before taking her hand.  “Why don’t we go back upstairs and finish what we started?”  Jessica, with a half hearted smile, couldn’t refuse him or ignore his good mood. 

The next morning Jason had risen at his usual time and was rushing through his routine eager to get to the office.  Jessica was usually the first to leave the house but today Jason had walked out, bagel in hand, just before she did. 
The day was busy, filled with researching file after file for a case Jessica was assisting on at the law firm she worked at.  It may not be a big case like the Dawson case but it was important to her all the same.  Finally deciding to take a break and head out to lunch Jessica was a little saddened that she had not heard from Jason all morning.  Needing to hear a friendly voice before falling deeper into the dumps she decided to call her brother to check up on him and the family.  The familiar teasing voice answered almost immediately.
“Jess, surprised you tore yourself away from the honeymoon suite so soon,” Jackson laughed.
“Don’t be crude, Jax.  I just wanted to see how you guys were doing.”
“Good, we are great actually.  The doctor said the baby is doing well, no early contractions.  Jane’s blood pressure has been good although she still refuses to let me help her out more around here.  Summer,” he chuckles, “she’s a whirlwind.  Since she started crawling she’s all over the place.  Jibber jabbers non-stop.”
Jessica laughed delighted to hear the good news.  “Awe, I miss her so much.  I was thinking about going for a visit for a couple of days.”
“Sure, anytime, Sis, you know you’re always welcome.  Is your hubby coming with you?”
“No,” trying not to sound too disappointed, “he has to work.  That’s actually good news.  Jason is working on the Andrew Dawson case.”
“Wow, good for him.  He must be ecstatic.  How do you feel about it?”  Jackson always could tell what mood his sister was in, it was like a six sense for all the Tramane siblings.
“I’m thrilled of course…”
“Sure you are.  Come on, give it up, Jess.  What’s bothering you?  I can hear it in your voice so spill it,” he demanded. 
With a heavy sigh and feeling a little ridiculous for feeling this way in the first place the words started to tumble out.  “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I should be happy about this but I’m not.  He just got the news yesterday and already he’s beginning to get wrapped up in it.”
“Jess…” he started.
“I know, I know.  It’s silly of me, I know.  But we usually make sure to call when running late after work and yesterday Jason didn’t get home until after eight.  He didn’t return any of my calls or messages,” Jessica exhaled loudly becoming incensed once more over last night.
“What did he say when he finally got home?  Did he have a good explanation?” Jackson started to feel his sister’s anger himself.  Maybe he should have a word with his new brother-in-law.  Let him know no matter how many miles away he was from his sister he still had his watchful eye on him.
“That’s just it, he didn’t say anything.  Well, just that he was going over the case with his boss.  He didn’t apologize, didn’t notice how worried I had been, nothing.  And today I haven’t heard one peep from him.  I know this is a big deal for him but I just hope it doesn’t change him.”
“You think it’s going to go straight to his head then?”
“No…well maybe a little.  I just don’t want him to become like dad.  No time for anyone, work first, then social obligations next.  I know I must sound crazy since it’s only just happened but you know how I get when my intuition kicks in.”
“Hmm,” was his only response knowing all too well what she was referring to.  Jessica’s intuition was usually spot-on.  This disturbed Jackson more than he wanted his sister to know.  He knew exactly what she was talking about.  If this was bothering her then it was bound to get worse.
“Anyway, I thought I would fly out for a visit since this is going to occupy most of Jason’s time.  And I want to be there when my new niece is born.  Jane is going to have her hands full with the baby and Summer….and of course then there’s you,” she joked trying to change the subject.  Enough of this depression she was working herself into.  It was a happy time in her life.  She just needed to stay positive.
“What do you mean me?  I’ll have you know I am fully recovered,” he said matter-of-factly.
“Really because last I heard from Will, Jane had her hands full with double diaper duty.”
“Diaper duty!  Really sis, rest assured that I can handle my, uh, needs on my own.”
They both laughed.  “I’m glad you’re doing better, Jax.  I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost you again,” she said becoming somber.
“Come on, Jess.  You know I won’t go down without a fight.  Look how long it took me to get where I am, you think I could just give up on that?”  Jessica knew he was referring to Jane.  Her brother had been a player, a real ladies man, before Jane.  He was lucky to find her.  Smart enough to fight to hold onto her when their relationship looked bleak.  And of course Summer came along so quickly and really put things into perspective for him.  Jackson had finally realized what he wanted in life.  It’s the same way she feels about Jason.  Hopefully he doesn’t lose sight of that.
“I’m so thankful that you finally found happiness.  So, I’ll let you know when I plan to be there.  I’ll talk to you later, lunch is almost over.  I have files upon files waiting for me on my desk.”
“Alright sis, call me if you need anything, even just to talk.  I love you, you know?”
She smiled at that.  “I love you too big brother.  And thanks for listening.  I feel much better just getting it out there.”
“Anytime Jess.  And make sure you tell Jason diapers or not, I’ll still pound him senseless if he gets out of line,” he said joking but vowing to stand by her and protect her just like when they were kids.
“Bye sis,” he said with a small chuckle.
“Bye,” she chuckled back.
Jessica definitely felt a lot better after talking to her brother.  She had definitely missed that during the time when they had lost contact with one another.  When he had left home for college, right after the fallout with their parents, they had lost all communication with him.  Jessica always wanted to look Jackson up, especially when she had left for college herself, but so much time had passed.  She wasn’t sure if he would welcome her attempts or not.  Ten years had passed when one day out of the blue she received a call from him, in Italy of all places.  He was there on business with Jane.  That’s where their romance started…how romantic.  Jane was really good for her brother. 
Finally back at her desk, Jessica was forcing the positive attitude to stay with her as she hesitantly checked her messages then emails.  Releasing the sigh of breath she hadn’t realized she was holding, as she slumped back against the chair.  There was nothing from Jason.  He hadn’t even called or texted her on her cell.  Jessica’s attitude was now altered into irritation as she shoved her cell phone into her desk drawer not wanting to even look at it.  Instead she threw herself into researching the files once again. 
A quarter after four Spencer walked into the office and it was the first time she noticed how much time had passed since lunch.  Spencer Harvey was Jessica’s boss at Burke, Hardam and Williams and was just stopping in to check if her research had turned up anything new for the case he was working on.  He was due in court in two weeks so it was now critical if they hoped to find any additional evidence or information to win this case. 
“Hi Jess, any luck today?” Spencer asked as he walked into the office and sat across from her.
“No,” she said a little discouraged, “not yet, but I’m sure something will turn up.”
“That’s what I like about you, never give up.  Well, I’m heading out.  I have to go see Monica Trimble again.  I hope she decides to come forward and give her testimony.  We really need this.”  Spencer Harvey looked doubtful but he, like Jessica, never gave up until he had what he wanted.  She admired him for that.  He had become a great mentor since she was hired on. 
“Well good luck.  I’m sure she will change her mind,” Jessica assured him.
“If you find anything let me know.  Any little thing helps and if I tell Monica we have the extra leverage I’m sure she will cave in.”
“I’m on it, Spence.  I’ll call you as soon as something turns up.”
Knowing Jason was going to be late again tonight, intuition again, Jessica decided to stay at the office to continue her research.  If Jason did go home on time she was sure he would call to find out where she was.  File after file, page after page, then after the sun had begun to set Jessica finally came across some information that would be useful…very useful.  She jumped up in such a hurry her chair flew back crashing into the cabinet behind her as she rushed to scan the document to send over to Spencer.  Once that was done she called him immediately with the good news.
“Jess, you are amazing!”  Spencer’s excitement over the information was understandable.  This would give him the leverage he needed to get Monica Trimble’s testimony and to win the case.  “Great job, I knew you would find something for me.  Tomorrow make reservations for Friday at that Japanese restaurant off of Wilshire.  I’m taking you out for lunch.  Now go home before your husband thinks I’ve kidnapped you,” he joked.