Friday, June 28, 2013

Simply Amazing - Chapter 3

Night turned to morning and sleep had evaded Jessica after she retired to the spare room.  Not wanting to have to deal with Jason yet, she decided to rise early and head out for work.  Right now, there was nothing else he could say that would help matters.  There were so many decisions she was contemplating but was uncertain which would be best.  The discomforting throbbing ache that had settled on her temple last night continued to persist making it hard to focus.  Jason on the other hand was sleeping sounding as if the events of last night didn’t exist.  Sprawled across the bed, the covers were low revealing him bare from the waist up.  Stopping to gaze at his still form made Jessica’s heart tighten with pain.  Quietly returning to her morning routine not wanting to disturb him, she finished in record time eager to get out of this house…away from him.
Since it was so early traffic to the office wasn’t as busy.  She was three blocks away when she received the first call from Jason.  He must have just woken up and found her missing.  Ignoring the call, she drove on as she turned up the radio in her BMW.  The surround sound belted One Direction’s Apologize.  Jessica smirked at the irony.  How fitting she mused.  They always say the songs you hear on the radio reflect whatever you happen to be going through in life.  In this case the saying was true.  Parking her car in the garage she sat and tried to compose her emotions that threatened to be released again.  Her phone went off again as Jason tried to reach her for the second time this morning.  Funny how yesterday she hadn’t heard one word from him all day and today…well today was different.
By mid-morning Jessica had accomplished most of the day’s work.  Jason had continued to call using both her cell and her office line.  Not once did she have the strength to pick up the phone and finally talk to him.  It wasn’t until almost lunch when her brother Robert called that she stopped to take a break.
“Hey Robbie, what’s up?”  Jessica answered.
“Hey Jess, are you busy?”  Robert asked.
“No, not really, just going over a few things.  Why?”  She leaned back in her chair closing her eyes as she rubbed the sore area around her temple with her free hand.
“Uh, Jason called me.  He was asking if I had seen you.  Is something going on?  He sounded stressed out,” Rob asked worried about his sister.
“No, nothing going on with me,” she didn’t want to let anyone know what was going on right now.  Not before a decision was made on how to handle this.  Maybe not ever if she decided to work it out with Jason. 
“Are you sure?  You don’t sound too hot yourself.  Come on sis, what gives?”  There it was again, the siblings could never hide anything from one another.
“I’m fine,” would he believe that lie?
“You’re fine…” he repeated.
“No…I don’t believe that.  You’ve never lied to me before so I don’t know why you think you need to start now.  But if you don’t want to talk about it then I’m not going to force you,” Rob told his sister.  Robert was the patient brother, understanding that she needed time right now. 
“Thanks, Robbie.”  Jessica felt grateful to have him as a brother.
“I’ll be here when you’re ready.  So, I’ve got some news.  It’s pretty big actually,” he said with a smile.
Jessica was happy to change the subject.  “Really, well come on, out with it.” 
“I performed my first solo surgery,” he beamed. 
“Robbie, that’s awesome!”  She was truly thrilled hearing his news.  This was huge for him.  She was so proud her brother the doctor.  They continued talking for another ten minutes to catch up.  Rob’s schedule was hectic lately and they hadn’t spoken in a few days.  Talking with her brothers was always fun and obviously therapeutic as she felt as if her spirits had lifted.
After listening to Rob talk of his newest girlfriend she realized she wasn’t ready to give up on Jason just yet.  They had been together for 3 years and in that time not once did he ever give her reason not to trust him…until now.  Three years was a lot to just give up on.  After all Jason had been there for her countless times.  He had been her rock when her father had his heart attack.  He was patient and supportive when Jackson had been shot.  After all that how could she just give up on him after one lapse in judgment?  She needed to talk to him, find out what they need to do to save their marriage.  It wasn’t something she wanted to discuss over the phone.  It was time for lunch so the best thing to do was to go see him now before there was time to doubt her decision.  Grabbing her purse and cell phone she rushed to her car wanting to get to Jason before he left the office for lunch.
Traffic was slower than she had hoped but she wanted to surprise him by showing up unannounced.  Not to stress him out…well, maybe a little stress wouldn’t hurt.  After all, Jason deserved some form of retribution for the way he has behaved.  Showing up at his office he was bound to think she had come to confront that slut Robyn.  In all honesty, this was the first time today that she thought of that slut.  Until now her mind had been occupied of Jason and his treachery, but never of the slut.  How would she react if she came face to face with her?  Jessica was not the type of person to cause a scene but under the emotional distress she’s been under who knows what her reaction will be.
Finally pulling into the parking lot Jessica immediately spotted Jason’s black Range Rover.  She parked across the lot a few feet down from him, turning off her car and checking her makeup before she got out.  Turning, Jessica instantly froze as the smile on her face faded.  Walking towards her was Jason…hand in hand with that slut Robyn.  Anger boiled over as she became enraged at witnessing the two lovers laughing, even sharing a quick kiss before reaching the car.  They drove off together not even realizing she had been standing a few feet away.  Jumping into the car she followed them a few blocks to a nearby hotel.  Jason parked and they entered the hotel together.  She felt constricted, needing air as a large lump formed in her throat filled with pent up sobs.
Breathe, her mind told her, just breathe.  Grabbing her phone out of her purse she speed-dialed Jason wondering if he would even answer her call.  Surprise, surprise, he picked up on the second ring.
“Jess, where are you?  I’ve been trying to get a hold of you all morning,” Jason asked playing the concerned husband part.  “Jess?” he called out again when she didn’t respond.
“Um, yeah, I went into the office early and was swamped all morning,” she finally managed to croak out.
“Oh, I was worried when I woke up and you were gone.  I thought maybe…” he trailed off.
“No, I didn’t leave.  I thought we could talk…about things.  I’m free for lunch.”  Let’s see how he handles this one…Jessica held her breath waiting for his response.  This was it.   Their marriage was riding on this.
Jason paused for a brief second.  “Uh, I’m kind of in the middle of something for the case.  But I want to see you.  Can you give me, um,” he paused once again, “about an hour and a half?”
Tears welled up in her eyes as she tried to hold back the sobs.  “Sure.”
“Jess, are you alright?  You sound like…” Jason felt bad when he heard the barely audible sound that Jessica had muffled.  She watched from her car as she seen Jason walk back out of the hotel.  “Hey, listen if you want to talk right now I’ll leave right now.”  He ran his hand through his hair as he paced around not taking notice that Robyn had followed him out and was listening.
“But I thought you were busy?”  A glimmer of hope ignited in her chest.
“Jess, I love you.  I’m never too busy for you.  I want to make sure you’re alright.  Where are you?  I’ll come to you.” 
“Ok, I’m in my car so let’s go to the coffee shop we always meet at,” Jessica suggested as she continued to watch them.
“Sure, I’ll head there now.  See you in a bit.”  Jason ended the call and turned to Robyn who now was standing with her hands on her hips looking very, very irritated.  Jessica smiled as she watched their interaction.  Jason throwing his hand out during this heated interaction with his mistress in front of the hotel.
“Bitch,” Jessica smirked when Robyn stomped away heading back inside…alone.
After Jason left the parking lot Jessica decided it was safe to head to the coffee shop.  Taking an alternative route so her husband didn’t see the car following him, she made it to the coffee shop just minutes after he arrived.
“Thank you for coming,” she said as they walked inside together.
“Anything for you, you know that.”
He seemed so loving right now, so concerned about her like he always did in the past.  After they picked up their coffee and found a table to sit at they started to speak again.  “I wanted to know what you want, what you expect to happen next,” Jessica stated cutting directly to the chase.
“Well, I want you.  You’re all I ever wanted.  And I hope you still want me too,” he said a little nervously.
“What about her?”  There was no need to use her name.  She was nothing, a piece of garbage that had soiled what they had taken so long to build.
“It’s over, I told you last night.”
Jessica stared into his eyes as he sat there and lied to her.  “So you told her already?”
“Yes, I told her this morning that what happened was a mistake.  From here forward I don’t want any contact from her unless its work related.”  Jason was smooth the way he kept calm, knowing she would pick up on any shiftiness. 
“Really?  So you’re sure that this is what you want?  I don’t want to trap you to a marriage if you’re not happy.”
Jason took her hand in his, softly caressing her palm.  “Honey, you are the only one I want to spend my life with.  I promise never to hurt you again.”
Although his words sounded good, it was just empty promises.  Truth of the matter was he was hurting her even more with these lies when she knew the truth.  “I want to believe you.”
“You can.”
“We need to take it day by day.  But if you do something like this again there won’t be another chance.” 
“I won’t.  Jess, I love you.  Thank you for giving us another chance.  I swear you will see.  I’ll prove to you that you can trust me.”  He was all smiles now.
“I have to get back now.  I’ll see you at home,” Jessica said as she stood up ready to leave.  Jason walked her to the car expecting a kiss but it wasn’t going to happen.  Even if she hadn’t just witnessed him with that slut, it was too soon after last night.  As she pulled away Jason took out his phone and made a call.
“I’m on my way.  Be ready…”
When Jason left the coffee shop, he had no clue that he was being followed.  Jessica knew he was lying and she had a feeling he was running back to that slut waiting at the hotel.  And she was right.  Ten minutes later they had arrived back at the same hotel she followed him to earlier.  She quickly parked so she could follow him inside, making sure there was enough distance between them.  Jason stopped at the front desk to ask for the second key to room 314.  While he took the elevator Jessica took the stairs to the third floor reaching the landing just in time to see him enter the room.  It took a moment for an idea to come to light but as soon as it did she pounced on it.  Reaching for her phone she called the hotel.
“Hi, I would like to order a bottle of Champaign for room 314.  Please have it sent up right away.  Add the charges to the bill, under Jason Stanhope.  Yes, that will be all, thank you.”
Now she patiently waited just hidden around the corner as room service brought up the cart containing the Champaign bottle nestled in a bucket of ice and 2 glasses.   The guy delivering the cart rapidly knocked on the door, “Room service!”  Jason flung open the door pants unbuttoned and shirtless.
“We didn’t order any room service.” He sounded irritated.  Well he was about to get a rude awakening.  Jessica walked around the corner, eyes blazing as she reached Jason and the hotel employee.
“I ordered it,” she said with authority.  Jason’s eyes bulged, mouth dry, as his jaw dropped in shock.  Jessica used his shock to push right past him into the room viewing Robyn trying to cover up wearing nothing but her bra and thong.  “I thought perhaps you two might want to celebrate.  I mean after all this is your lucky day right?  About to become a free man once again…”
“Jess…” he started to say after finally finding his voice.
“Don’t bother.  I don’t want to hear any more lies from you.”  Jason closed his mouth.  There was nothing he could really say.  He had been caught and there was no way out of this.  “I just don’t understand why you would throw away everything we had for some cheap easy sex.  I gave you everything….EVERYTHING!”  Jessica shouted at him before trying to control her temper.  With a sad smile she said, “You chose your bed, I’m done.  I hope one day when you look back you realize everything you gave up today.  And the day you do is the day you will try to call me and I will say Jason who?” 
Turning to leave, she halted and glanced back at her husband she had just lost.  “Oh, there’s one more thing…” Jessica swung her hand as hard as she could and smacked Jason straight across the face.  She looked at Robyn, “You’re lucky you’re getting off so easy bitch.  But I don’t feel like getting arrested today.”  Now with a satisfied smile across her face as Jason held his hand up to his cheek, she walked off feeling a little better. 
Deciding to take the rest of the day off, Jessica headed home and packed up some of her things.  She was not going to stay there waiting for Jason to come home, if he came home.  Her parents didn’t live very far from here, she would go stay there until she found another place on her own.  Jason could keep the house.  There was no way she would be able to continue living there with so many happy memories and dreams now shattered.  Jason could do whatever he wanted to do with the house, live in it, rent it or sell it.  It made no difference if he wanted to torch it down to the ground.  It was no longer her home.  There was now a bitter taste in her mouth wondering if this was the first time Jason had strayed.  Maybe this was just the first time he had been caught.  It was all so overwhelming, all of the emotions that were twisting and changing from hurt to anger to disappointment and to shame.  What would become of her life now?